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Windshield Treatment


The windshield is the most exposed part of your car. The build-up of dust, carbon emissions, smog, and hard water scaling reduces visibility. CarzSpa’s windshield cleaning and polishing treatment removes hard water spots and other contaminants, giving better nighttime visibility and clearer glass during rains.

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Best Windshield Treatment In Pondicherry

This windshield treatment explains how to do cleaning and protection of car windshields and glass. In this windshield treatment process, hard water marks, oxidation, and scaling are removed. Protective car glass coating is designed to deliver clear vision to driving during the night and rainy season. This car glass protection, and car glass polish in Pondicherry improves safety and driving ability. This car glass polish naturally improves all-weather visibility, car underbody antirust treatment in Pondicherry, safety, and driving comfort.
Loki Auto Care water repellent coating forms a non-stick coating which causes water to drop off.

Benefits of windshield treatment:

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Supports during night and rainy drives.
Removes all hard water marks, stains, scaling, and oxidation to improve visibility.
Protect from hard water marks, stains, scaling, and oxidation for one year.
Dissolves rainwater on the windshield.
Retains windshield and glass will be cleaned.

Protective car glass coating
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