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Rodent Repellent Coating is specially developed to prevent cables, wires, rubber components, hoses and plastic from the menace of rodents. They chew wires & cables causing extensive damage which leads to failure. The product contains bitter ingredients which will repel rodents and prevent cable damage & replacements. 

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Engine Cleaning, Degreasing, And Coating

Engine degreaser is used to safely remove dirt, oil, and grease from engines. An unclean engine can cause serious problems that are costly and sometimes impossible to correct. Damage (including overheating and engine failure) is a common effect of unclean engines.

This involves soaking dirty engine parts in hot water or caustic chemicals. The process usually takes a few hours. It is said to be effective in cleaning parts that have heavy build-up but cannot remove rust and paint residue.

It can help improve your engine's performance by removing dirt and grime that can cause it to run less efficiently. A clean engine is also less likely to overheat, as the cooling system will be able to work more effectively

Multiple rodent coating for a car
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