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Packages & Price Lists

Our mission is to consistently provide high-quality service in a win-win situation. We take pride in ourselves by offering the best customer service and building relationships with our prestigious clients.
We have grown persistently to the very next level by providing a friendly, professional, and specialized service to their vehicles.

Loki Auto Care Services is here to serve you by performing the highest quality automotive Detailing and repair Services at fair prices, using only proven materials of the highest quality. Our service is backed by our pledge of customer satisfaction. We will provide you, our valued customer, with outstanding professional courtesy and service. And we will stand behind our workmanship.

Car Foam wash

Snow Foam Wash

Small      : Rs.349
Medium  : Rs.399
Large     : Rs.449
Luxury    : Rs.499

Snow foam wash plus

Snow Foam Wash Plus

Small      : Rs.349
Medium  : Rs.499
Large     : Rs.449
Luxury    : Rs.549

silicon wash

Silicon Wash

Small      : Rs.449
Medium  : Rs.499
Large     : Rs.549
Luxury    : Rs.599

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Steam Wash

Small      : Rs.599
Medium  : Rs.699
Large     : Rs.799
Luxury    : Rs.899

car germ cleaning

Interior Germ Cleaning

Small      : Rs.1399
Medium  : Rs.1499
Large     : Rs.1699
Luxury    : Rs.1799

Car disinfection

Disnification Treatment

Small      : Rs.1899
Medium  : Rs.1999
Large     : Rs.219
Luxury    : Rs.2299

car buffing

Ext & Int Detailing

Small      : Rs.4499
Medium  : Rs.4999
Large     : Rs.5499
Luxury    : Rs.5999

car detailing

Ext & Int Detailing

Small      : Rs.5499
Medium  : Rs.5999
Large     : Rs.6499
Luxury    : Rs.6999

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