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Car interior sanitizing


Use a good-grade disinfectant which cleans surface-level bacteria and viruses. Simple soap and water can also be effective, provided you have the time for it and you do it carefully.

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The Best Car Interior Disinfect Steps

Start with the steering wheel:

​There’s no way to drive your car without touching the steering wheel, so make sure it’s clean. Pay close attention to areas where dirt and bacteria can hide, like stitching, seams, and the buttons used for everything from cruise control to speaker volume. Wipe these areas down thoroughly.

Disinfect door handles and buttons:


Other areas that Clinton drivers touch most are the door handles, dash buttons, and knobs. Be careful to not use a disinfectant wipe on exterior handles because it could damage your paint. While you’re working on the door, take a moment to wipe down all the controls for the windows and side mirrors. You should also wipe down the rearview mirror.

Wipe down the infotainment system:


The infotainment system is a spot frequently touched by you and passengers. Carefully wipe down the buttons and knobs to remove dirt and germs. For the touch screen, use a microfiber cloth to remove fingerprints and dust. Remember, harsh chemicals, paper towels, and tissues can damage the screen.

Clean the cup holders:


Cup holders collect dirt, crumbs, and spills. Clean the visible dirt first, then break out the wipes to thoroughly clean the area.

Clean the seats:


It’s crucial that before cleaning any leather or fabric surface, do a spot test in an inconspicuous area and let it dry to be sure it doesn’t leave a stain or mark. Old-fashioned soap and water are a great way to clean fabric but don’t completely soak the seats. Wipe down the fabric surfaces with antibacterial soap, then rinse them promptly and dry them as much as possible with a clean dry cloth.

Be extra careful with leather:


 Use a product specifically designed to clean and disinfect leather surfaces if you have leather seats. The parts department at the eco car can recommend a good leather cleaner

Don’t forget the floor:


Remove your floor mats and wash them with antibacterial soap and water. Use the same solution on your carpets, but don’t soak the carpet as this can cause mold. Allow the carpet and mats to dry thoroughly.

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