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A graphene coating is an evolution of ceramic coating technology. Utilizing the latest graphene-based technology to make a stronger, more durable coating that is easier to apply.

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Its Advantages Over Ceramic Coating?

Graphene coatings are considered the newest innovations to emerge in the automobile industry. However, Graphene is a carbon-based material that is not new. Graphene comprising one layer of carbon atoms is praised as the sturdiest material known to exist on Earth. It is 200 times more rigid than steel and lighter than paper. Two things account for this strength. Today, Graphene is increasingly getting accepted among detailers due to its hardness and ‘anti-static properties. Furthermore, it does not allow the dust to settle down on the surface coated with it because of its anti-static properties.

Benefits & Strengths Of Graphene Coating

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High water contact angle (more beading)
Anti-static (dust Repellent)
Highly flexible (less susceptible to cracking or chipping)
Ease of application (so easy)
Unsurpassed durability (5-10 years!)

Graphene coating
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